People of Distinction

Greenbriar residents are special people, from all walks of life with special stories. From humble decorated war heroes who are reluctant to share their stories; to teachers and homemakers who molded the lives of generations to come; to company executives; to authors, Greenbriar is home to people of all walks of life who share their skills and talents on a day to day basis.

Marie G

Marie G

Marie G.

Marie G. is proud to say she was born in Birmingham and has lived here all her life.
After college graduation, she began work for the Birmingham Electric Company as part of a program that taught school children about electricity by using puppets called Better Light, Better Sight. In 1955, Marie met her future husband at a “filling station” in Five Points South. They married and moved into an apartment complex built and owned by her husband William. “I never dreamed I would live on Southside for fifty years but I always knew I would come to live at the Altamont. The Altamont Grill is where my husband and I courted over lunch. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.”

Jim H

Bill H

Bill H.

Bill H. grew up in Orlando, Florida. He was valedictorian of his high school class and in the top group of Florida Southern College graduates. After school he became the youngest fruit inspector for the state of Florida. After Pearl Harbor he joined the Army Air Corps and became a radio operator. Towards the end of his military service, he taught radio school to military pilots in Kansas. It was in Kansas he met and married his wife. After leaving the Army Bill went on to earn an Engineering degree from the University of Missouri and did advanced study at Kansas University. He went on to work for Shell Oil, Boeing, and eventually finished his career with 30 years at NASA. Bill has a great love for tennis, playing competitively and winning tournament championships until he was 70. Bill loves to attend activities at Greenbriar and he has been known to show off his dancing skills at parties.

Jo B

Jo B

Jo B.

Jo B. grew up in Heiberger, Alabama near Judson College. Her father was a farmer and she enjoyed growing up on a farm. In 1950 she married a “Navy boy” from Centerville, Alabama and moved there to start a family. Jo was a homemaker and mother of two girls. She loved being a “stay at home mom” and running the house. Later in life she also cared for her grandchildren, another wonderful memory. She loved sewing and gardening. In her late 50’s her vision started to deteriorate and retirement living proved to be a good fit for her. She now enjoys light cooking in her apartment and attending parties and socials at Greenbriar with her new friends.